Does elena gilbert die in season 7

Jodi lyn okeefe as josette jo laughlin possessed by florence 3 episodes. He is portrayed by paul wesley in the television series cws the vampire diaries and the originals. After that, she lived in the salvatore boarding house for several months, before moving to the whitmore college dorm. Now stefan has to deal with the guilt of letting elena turn into a vampire, which means that were all in store for a very angstridden season 4. Stefan stef salvatore is a fictional character from l. What episode does lucas come back in one tree hill. From what i can tell, viewers will have to wait until the series finale, titled i was feeling epic, to see ms. Later, elena asks stefan if he can erase jeremys memory of vickis death. Jeremy gilbert is a former main character and a male protagonist on the vampire diaries. The sun also rises is the 21st episode of the second season of the cw television series, the vampire diaries and the 43rd episode of the series overall. The actress, who plays elena gilbert as well as a variety of other. But what episode does elena return to the vampire diaries.

After researching, jeremy tempted her into drinking his blood to prove she was a vampire, before jeremys revelation that he wanted to become a vampire like her. What good or bad will his visit bring to mystic falls. In season three, jeremy volunteered to help bonnie with her desiccation spell on klaus. Im a couple episodes away from the final, and i cant wait to see her again.

Actress nina dobrev will leave the show, and that means elena has to say goodbye somehow. Also, enzo tries to preoccupy bonnie at the cabin, but things dont go quite as planned. What will this series look like without elena gilbert. The third season consisted of 22 episodes and focused on the story of klaus origin, his relation with his family and reveal more about the original family. Elena doesnt make an appearance but is heard calling damons name when he visits the armory vault. Nina dobrev returning to vampire diaries elena will be. Like mentioned before, elena and damon did live a long and happy life together before they both died. Elena gilbert returns for the shows final hour, just in time to say goodbye to someone she loves.

She then passes away from unknown causes into peace at the end of the show in their last season, season eight. This post contains spoilers for the vampire diaries. Just as katherine is about to kill stefan and elena, elena gets free of the ropes that are binding her and throws herself and katherine into a sunspot in the tomb theyre in. It was a question that was explored all throughout season 7, though, the characters and fans continued to feel her presence thanks to the trusty.

However, she is put into a sleeping beauty like coma at the end of season six. Elena and the town of mystic falls could live, stefan was mourned by all of his. Elenas coffin was the coffin where elena gilbert slept due to the sleeping spell that linked. May 16, 2015 vampire diaries executive producer caroline dries explains elenas exit in the season 6 finale and whats coming next in season 7. The vampire diaries nina dobrev returns for season 8 after. Everything you need to know about nina dobrevs vampire. Nina dobrev explains why she exited the vampire diaries. Katherine pretends to be elena and feeds him to silas who drinks most of his blood before snapping his neck. The crux of the vampire diaries has been the love triangle between damon, elena and stefan paul wesley. But now that elena is a vampire, things are undoubtedly going to change between her and the salvatores. Nina dobrev spills why she left the vampire diaries youtube. And as sad as plec was to see the actor she called her little sister go, she was excited to rise to the storytelling challenge. Elena gilbert, went down for an extra long nap at the end of the vampire diaries season 6, we knew things were about.

This week, series lead nina dobrev announced she will be quitting the cw series. This is where timelines might make things a bit confusing. In season one, elena was still coping with her parents death when she meets a. Nina dobrevs last episode of the vampire diaries was a gorgeous, emotional goodbye read us weeklys season 6 finale recap for elena gilbert s fate. How can hosting of international sporting events promote of detract nation building. Ever since we learned that elena will wake up in the series finale of. Although the beloved series will be coming to an end after its eighth season, tvd fans can rest assured that nina dobrev will return. He was constantly under the influence, abusing pills to help cope with the fact that his parents were dead.

Jeremy gilbert season 4, episode 14 after ending up on an island looking for the cure, bonnie and jeremy went into the cave to retrieve it. Did the vampire diaries really just kill off its original star. Why nina dobrev is leaving the vampire diaries cinemablend. Nina dobrev leaving vampire diaries after season 6. Why nina dobrev is leaving the vampire diaries jessica rawden. We reported back in january that the series was renewed for season 7. Nina dobrev as elena gilbert 1 episode, voice only. Season 6 is on its way but until then, its time to put your mind to the challenge. Will jeremy gilbert return to the vampire diaries season 8. Elena gilbert s comacorpse is maybe a little extra. But bonnie did some witch mumbo jumbo with elenas fatheruncle where his life force is transferred to her so that she will live again, had bonnie not done this elena would have come back as a vampire then because she had damons blood in her.

But the phoenix stone couldve decided to pull a doubledouble cross by showing him elena s face in the flames rather than the random. Do we really believe that the vampire diaries would kill off elena. Nina dobrev to return for vampire diaries series finale variety. What episode does elena return to the vampire diaries. How much do susy and clara charge in of mice and men. Shot drained of blood run over decapitated jeremy gilbert is the younger brother of elena, and during the first season was in a little bit of a rough patch. Tvds season 6 finale said a heartbreaking goodbye to nina dobrev. Also, why did jonathan gilbert just fall over at the end. Both nora and mary lou finally decide to be together in death as they do their last magic to break and destroy. The vampire diaries season 7 will premiere on the cw in the fall. Yes, elena does survive season 2 on the vampire diaries. Oct 21, 2016 elena was the main character on the vampire diaries for six entire seasons and dobrevs more sinister character, katherine, was also adored by many. Feb 17, 2017 but what episode does elena return to the vampire diaries. Elena nina dobrev got a chance to say goodbye to her friends in the vampire diaries season 6 finale.

Ele na doesnt make an appearance but is heard callin g damon s name when he visits the armory vault. The scene is mixed in with flashbacks of her original car crash off wickery bridge where. Elena gilbert not only survives season 2 but also season 3 and season 4. Although ninas decision to leave vampire diaries after the 6th season came as a shock to many, it was something she knew she wanted to do. Oct 28, 2016 it seems like everyone is focused on whether or not nina dobrevs elena is returning to the vampire diaries for its final season, but im wondering about another major character that fans haven. Jeremy gilbert met anna in season one, she originally planned to use jeremys blood to release her mother from the tomb, although switched her plans to elena. Nina dobrev shocked fans everywhere when she revealed via instagram that shes leaving the vampire diaries after season 6 bob mahoneythe cw photos.

The vampire diaries, a onehour american supernatural drama, was officially renewed for a third season by the cw on april 26, 2011, that aired from september 15, 2011, to may 10, 2012. Executive producer julie plec discusses the appearance of nina dobrevs voice in the season 7 finale of the vampire diaries. Things arent looking good for elena gilbert in the vampire diaries season 6 finale. Unlike the time we saw elena earlier this season when old footage was recycled for the scene in which damon thought he burned. Aug 27, 2015 you guys, the vampire diaries season 7 is almost here and fans everywhere have one question. Tvd 6x22 stefan elena say goodbye to each other tv series. Season 6 of the vampire diaries drew to a close thursday by saying goodbye to the series lead character, elena gilbert. The cw drama closed a significant chapter of its run in may when elena nina dobrev, the.

Cw this was the vampire diaries episode that everyone has been waiting for. Thursday by saying goodbye to the series lead character, elena gilbert. Stefan will tell caroline that to help bonnie and save themselves, they need help from alarics twin daughters. If you watched thursdays penultimate episode of season 6 of the vampire diaries, you saw that kai chris wood stabbed his sister jo jodi lynn okeefe right before she said i do with her honey.

Jeremy is the adoptive brother and biological cousin of elena gilbert, as well as a former medium, although this status became defunct following the. It was a way of sybil, the siren, luring him into a trap. Vampire diaries executive producer caroline dries explains elenas exit in the season 6 finale and whats coming next in season 7. Following the season five finale, executive producer julie plec talks to thr about the return of a fan favorite, elena s devastation.

Are you happy with how elena was written out of the show. Tvd 6x22 stefan elena say goodbye to each other youtube. Jeremy gilberts vampire diaries deaths hellogiggles. While bonnies unconscious, she reunites with her best friend elena nina dobrev, whos been stuck in a mystical coma since the season six finale. Luckily she was brought back to life by john gilbert s sacrifice. Later in the season, after jeremys death, elena burned down the gilbert house. You guys, the vampire diaries season 7 is almost here and fans everywhere have one question. What episode in season 8 of the vampire diaries does elena. After the death of their parents, elena and jeremy live with their aunt jenna until her death in season two, with elena taking guardianship of her brother afterward.

Nina dobrev explains why she left the vampire diaries e. How old is elena gilbert in season 2 vampire diaries answers. The vampire diaries is about to officially enter its next phase of the series. Aug 17, 2017 nina dobrev spills why she left the vampire diaries. Is season 8 of the vampire diaries going to be the last season. Stefan salvatore was turned into a vampire in 1864, at the age of 17, by katherine pierce, who then turned his brother damon salvatore. Vampire diaries fans will indeed be seeing elena gilbert one last time. And if miz bennett attempted to find a loophole tv witch buzzword. All of jeremy gilbert s vampire diaries deaths, ranked. I mean, they wrote out nina dobrev at the end of last season. Fast forward six years later, the actress surprised fans when she did not sign on for season 7 and the.

Nina dobrev confirms return to series finale as elena gilbert the actress will make her return a year after quitting the. So does this mean that elena is currently dead in legacies. The vampire diaries season 6 finale spoilers reveal that elena is dead, a notsosurprising situation knowing that nina dobrev made the decision to retire from tvd. The vampire diaries first aired on september 10, 2009. Aug 08, 2019 this is where timelines might make things a bit confusing. Dobrev would later reunite with her former cast in the season 8 finale, which aired in. The season 7 premiere of the vampire diaries is just around the corner, so is there any hope of nina dobrev reprising her role as elena gilbert. But its elena who realizes somethings wrong she and bonnies lives are linked, so elena can only wake once bonnie is dead for good, no loopholes. Plec devised a very intricate exit for dobrevs character, the newly human again elena gilbert.

May 09, 2011 when i watched the season finale, the sun also rises, i was confused about why elena didnt turn. If you watched thursdays penultimate episode of season 6 of the vampire diaries, you saw that kai chris wood stabbed his sister jo. Nina dobrev with costars paul wesley, ian somerhalder, kat graham, and matt davis revealed via instagram that shes leaving the vampire diaries after season. Executive producer julie plec promised an emotional experience in the vampire diaries series finale, and thats exactly what we got. But some fans have their theories about how season 7 will. Exactly one year after bidding the vampire diaries a fond farewell, nina dobrev returned for fridays hectic season finale or, at least, her voice did. Instead, elena has a younger sister named margaret who is only a young child and has a minor role in the series. Since legacies takes place about 10 or so years after the end of the vampire diaries, they are both still together and alive. The cw drama is known for its violent deaths, but theyve never killed off one of the leading actors before. Vampire diaries fans around the world are grieving tonight, as the news is now official that nina dobrev is leaving. Nina dobrev, who played elena for six seasons on the cws bloodsucker drama, posted a photo on her instagram account on thursday morning revealing shes returning to the series for its finale.

But despite the emotional events of the season finale, the cws longrunning vampire drama is far from over. The show even teased the series finale with a 10 second clip of elena asking what happened and why she was back so soon. Heres how elena wakes up in the vampire diaries series finale. Elena, damon, and stefan are all captured by katherine at the end of the fury. Even if elena has been in an offscreen magical coma all season, many fans myself included. However she died in season 2 episode 21, during the sun and moon ritual.

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