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C2 preamble omitted in part under authority of statute law revision act 1948 c. Both purport to offer legal advice which, if followed, could lead you straight to prison. In 2015 ebay used an arbitration service called square trade to arbitrate ebay disputes. Please explain in full and in plain english the meaning and the agenda of the following act. From reading this act many times, the conclusion that you come to is that everyone is declared dead and lost beyond the seas, the state claims all bodies and property, you have up until you are seven7 years old to claim back yourself and property back from the state. Under the law, we have been dead since 1666 the student room. Cestui qui vie act 1666 a freedom of information request to. Incredible legal remedy to get any case dismissed in court. The act being debated was to subrogate the rights of men and women, meaning all men and women were declared dead, lost at seabeyond the sea. A human being is not a person because he is a human being, but because rights and duties have been ascribed to him the person is the legal subject or substance of which rights and duties are attributes blacks law dictionary not a human being, but the human being invisible coat. This act was partly in force in great britain at the end of 2010. The act being debated was the cestui qui act which was to subrogate the rights of men and women, meaning all men and women were declared dead, lost at seabeyond the sea.

This has led to two particularly worrying articles being published. The person for whose life any lands, tenements, or hereditaments are held. When this act was enacted in 1666 a large number of land owners took advantage of britains growing overseas land holdings to establish new estates in the the new lands. Cestui qui trust the strawman 3 3 legal definitions person. They would have people peasants working the land which would be registered tenants. An act for redresse of inconveniencies by want of proofe of the deceases of persons beyond the seas or absenting. I breached none of the parameters like security or national safety so we cannot see a reason not to take this question higher. Cestui qui vie act 1666 a freedom of information request. X1recital that cestui qui vies have gone beyond sea, and that reversioners cannot find out whether they are alive or dead. Please also tell me the aim of the act in plain english i. An act for the more effectual discovery of the death of persons pretended to be alive to the prejudice of. This crown was secretly granted to england in the collection and reaping of lost souls. See end of document for details this realme by the space of seaven.

In 1666 an act of parliament created during the black plague, and great fires of london. Just some hard proof that this act literally created legal entities in our name. Some parts of the 1666 act are still law in the united kingdom. Freemen of the dangerous nonsense uk human rights blog. An act for redresse of inconveniencies by want of proofe of the deceases of persons beyond the seas or absenting themselves, upon whose lives estates doe. If such person or persons for whose life or lives such estates have beene or shall be granted as aforesaid shall remaine beyond the seas or elsewhere absent themselves in this realme by the space of. C3 certain words of enactment repealed by statute law revision act 1888 c. Be smart, not lazy in these crazy times 1 week 2 days ago 1 week 3 days ago doctor wants to fire cdc fauci hillary czar 1 week 3 days ago. If you skip it, youll never know exactly how you relate to yourself and to the system. This is hugely sensitive material, pay attention people. Later square trade made a deal with book of the month clubs cd of the month clubs and wine clubs to arbitrate when there was a disputes between a customer and the company which usually meant when customer had no paid a bill or withheld payment and not returned goods. Sections 1 to 3 were repealed by section 56 of, and part i of schedule 2 to. He whose life is the measure of the duration of an estate.

Please explain what the agenda for the act would have been at the time it was passed and also please explain why the act was passed in secret without the knowledge of the uk citizens. Cestui qui vie trust the person for whose use the feoffment was made. Page 4 of 4 winston shrout addresses cestui qui acttrust an intro into the ideas of how your entity, strawman, allcaps name was created. A person may be legally declared dead in absentia, i. I asked for some information under the freedom of information act and was refused for no reason. He who would have been heir to the father of the deceased shall also be heir of the son. Follow the authenication process of your live birth certificate long form with all the parents, hospital and doctor information on it. A forum for individual lawful rebellion in all its forms. Such a declaration is typically made when a person has been missing for an extended period and in the absence of any evidence that the. Feoffment english law was a transfer of land or property that gave the new holder the right to sell it as well as the right to pass it on to his heirs as an inheritance. The theory implies that state ownership of their body applies via the birth registration process, and unless this presumption is lawfully refuted before the time period of seven years elapses after registration, they become the property of the state, having been declared legally dead, or lost at sea. Trusts onstitution for the united states testamentary trust for the benefit of the posterity.

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