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Seven notable excerpts from obasanjos book politics nairaland. Beyond obasanjos letter to buhari the guardian nigeria. This is a long rambling way of saying for the record that no book has upset me more in recent times than bittersweet. Abubakar had, in an interview published in hausa language by a newspaper. Reno omokiri shares excerpts of olusegun obasanjos assessment of nasir elrufai in his book reno omokiri shared this on his facebook page by linda ikeji at 10032017 2. My life with obasanjo, the 63yearold oluremi claims in the page book that the former president is a master in the art of deception, an exploiter, a violent and unrepentant wifebasher and lacking sexual discipline as he unrepentantly engaged in a string of affairs with single and married women she names several. Olusegun obasanjo has 16 books on goodreads with 8242 ratings.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes ganis unfinished business. Bittersweet my life with obasanjo by obayiuwana, osasu new. Nov 3rd, 20 olusegun obasanjo to publish new book, vows to reply atiku\s political claim exnigeria\s president olusegun obasanjo on saturday said he would respond to the claims made by his erstwhile deputy, former vicepresident atiku abubakar, on their political relationship, in his soontobe published book. Read these 14 steamy excerpts from romance novels that are sure to turn you on to erotica literature. Inability to focus and concentrate is the greatest. New ideas, innovations and new practices may emerge from time to time. Olusegun obasanjo has 16 books on goodreads with 8255 ratings.

Read an excerpt from stephen kings new book if it bleeds. Excerpts from the speech by nigerian president olusegun obasanjo, delivered on his inauguration for a second fouryear term. Obasanjo and oby ezekwesili cosy in a new photo legit. Rachel maddow reads shocking excerpts from new book by. The book, which contains several national issues from past to present, was launched at the lagos country club ikeja, lagos, tuesday, december 9. Seven notable excerpts from obasanjos book by ishilove. Former president of nigeria, olusegun obasanjo today launched a book tittled my watch containing several national issues both past and present. The book, which contains several national issues from past to present, was launched at the.

Olusegun obasanjo quotes author of my watch volume 2. The former nigerian president is in johannesburg to promote his new book, making africa work, written with greg mills, jeffrey herbst and dickey davis. Former president olusegun obasanjo released his autobiography, my watch, on tuesday, december 9 at the lagos country club, ikeja. Brigadiergeneral godwin alabiisama, was one of the nigerian soldiers who took part in the nigeria civil war 19671970. Books by olusegun obasanjo author of my watch volume 2. Obasanjos autobiography book, my watch now on sale. I have directed the security agencies to bring the perpetrators to book and we will. President donald trump oversees a toxic west wing and attempts to use his office to settle scores including with the state of california and former vice president joe biden according to a.

From the day i nominated atiku to be my vice, he set his mind not for any good, benefit or service of the country. Plays by nigerian playwrights are regularly performed on broadway in new york and in. Olusegun obasanjo following in the steps of his previous memoirs, my command and not my will, olusegun obasanjos my watch is more than the story of the obasanjo presidency told by the man himself. Former president, chief olusegun obasanjo, has written a new booklet, for the kids. The wars, the victories by former vicepresident atiku abubakars men it was clear that the president did not want a strong vice president or one with a mind of his own. Seven notable excerpts from obasanjos book politics nigeria.

Encomium weekly can, however, reveal the mothers of these children and other women that had dalliances. The presidential legacy 1999 2000 okonjoiweala, yayale ahmed. Seven notable excerpts from obasanjos book politics. Obasanjo dominates this book as he has his country. Former president olusegun obasanjo, in his recent controversial book, my watch, listed the names of his 21 children but he did not mention their mothers. It was also clear by his decision to build a structure of his own that he had a hidden agenda, which was then unknown to atiku. I am currently writing and doing the historical research for this new novel. Go tell the bees that i am gone aka bees is the ninth book in my outlander series of novels which focus on jamie fraser and claire beauchamp randall fraser. Nigerias legacy has equally been squandered, but unlike one man, a nation of 140 million people still have time to revamp its image and the story that outsiders tell about nigeria. Ngozi okonjoiwealas new book, fighting corruption is dangerous. Nigeria deserves better than to enter a fouryear term of governance under a new administration with so many legal. But, as nigerians consider that obasanjos legacy has been tarnished, it is important to remember that obasanjos story is nigerias story. While that is the most dramatic episode recounted in obasanjos memoir, african presidents daughter, detailing murderous political skullduggery was hardly the reason for obasanjos book.

Obasanjo writes a new book, absent at launch ynaija. The playwright also asked if someone with obasanjos governance record dare accuse anyone of failing to. Weve compiled snippets from a wide variety of books. President obasanjo said about president jonathan in his new book.

Obasanjos unguided missiles must read excerpts from my watch olusegun adeniyi segun adeniyi, who is a poor apologist for yaradua, made almost every case of reversal worse in his book. During his watch, a watchman has no sleep and no respite. Obasanjo was a career soldier before serving twice as his nations head of state. Srsg farid zarif left receives olusegun obasanjo,former president of. Anonymous book excerpts describe trumps scoresettling. His career is made the focus for a history of nigerias first fifty years of independence 19602010 and of african continental affairs during the same period obasanjo having been an active opponent of apartheid and an architect of the african union. Excerpts from obasanjos open letter to buhari vanguard news.

New revelations have emerged on the funding of former president olusegun obasanjos failed third term bid. Excerpts from a new book titled atiku media office. He served as nigerias military ruler 197679 and, as a civilian, as president 19992007 obasanjo attended baptist boys high school in abeokuta, in southwest nigeria, and later worked as a. Obasanjo to publish new book, vows to reply atikus. Olusegun obasanjos presidency 19992007 ostensibly was civilian, though he had. Below are excerpts from the long worded obasanjos open letter to president muhammadu buhari.

However, while many think there is really nothing too alarming about the photo, some are saying the former president posture with obi ezekwesili is outrightly. Seven notable excerpts from obasanjos book according to a facebook handle which advocates for the bringing back of the chibok girls, it has this to say about the photo. Olusegun obasanjos most popular book is my watch volume 2. Seven notable excerpts from obasanjos book politics 6. Oluremi obasanjo, chief matthew aremu olusegun obasanjos first wife.

Reno omokiri shares excerpts of olusegun obasanjos. Excerpts from some of the most significant critiques are below. Olusegun obasanjo quotations 57 quotations quotetab. Wole soyinka, has attacked former president olusegun obasanjo in his new book. We keep old friends, but we make new friends in japan, india, and china. Rather than obey the order, obasanjo wanted justice valentine ashi sanctioned.

Fellow nigerians, let us thank god for this great day, a great day in the history of our nation. Wole soyinka, has called out former president olusegun obasanjo again in his new book titled quis custodiet ipsos custodes. Over 10,000 have died under obasanjos civilian regime by dan isaacs in lagos nigerias president olusegun obasanjo swept to power in 1999, promising farreaching democratic reforms in a country devastated by decades of military rule. Nobel laureate, professor wole soyinka has once again attacked former nigerian president, olusegun obasanjo in a new book. How obasanjo nearly assaulted alamieyeseigha osoba. Msnbc anchor rachel maddow on thursday read excerpts from a new book by the senior white house official who wrote an anonymous oped in the new york times. Former president olusegun obasanjo on sunday took a swipe on. In the 341page book, the elder statesman, who would clock 80 on july 15, 2019, said the decision to save obasanjo from impeachment was to forestall military intervention at the time. Excerpt from obasanjos book my watch december 11, 2014 by darlinton omeh 2 comments by the constitution, i had to inaugurate or prorogue the national assembly on june 4, 1999. President of the republic of liberia 2018 excerpts from the new. Latest news about obasanjo in nigeria today 18th may 2020. According to a report by punch metro, nobel laureate, prof. Find this book on abebooks, an amazon company, offers millions of new, used, and outofprint books. The book was released to the public on tuesday by bookcraft and formed the text of soyinkas speech at the 10th memorial lecture of the late chief gani fawehinmi.

Again, soyinka attacks obasanjo in new book nigerian. The 73 yearold war veteran was the chief of staff of the highly respected and dreaded third marine commando commanded by brigadier benjamin adekunle and later general olusegun obasanjo. Olusegun obasanjo is the author of my watch volume 2 3. Nairaland forum nairaland general politics seven notable excerpts from obasanjos book 46062 views obasanjos book my watch about atiku obasanjos book out, declares president jonathan incapable of governing well secret letter from obasanjo to jonathan stirs anger 6. The lowest point of my life is meeting obasanjo brig.

The novella collection is comprised of four haunting stories the below is from life of chuck, in which a man named marty becomes. Excerpts from pages 187195 of the book, which was published in 2010 by mosuro publishers, had recently gone viral for reasons unknown. The following is an excerpt from if it bleeds by stephen king. Wole soyinka, has slammed former president olusegun obasanjo in his struggle to protect nigerias democracy, saying he is objectively unfitted for the role. Olusegun obasanjo, born march 5, 1937, abeokuta, nigeria, nigerian general, statesman, and diplomat, who was the first military ruler in africa to hand over power to a civilian government.

The two arrowheads being blamed in the book for the failure of reforms as the earth remains and globalisation and political forces prevail over the affairs of men, it appears more controversial books will continue to roll out in the press about men of yesteryears in nigeria. Talking to your bees is a very old celtic custom known in other parts of. And even though obasanjos bad verses resulted in his incarceration at the hands of abacha, he has not relented. Olusegun obasanjo was nigerias military head of state 19769 and president 19992007. My watch spans large expanses of time, from the precolonial owu history, to early abeokuta and the last throes of an independent city state at turnofthecentury colonial nigeria, to the early life of its author, his civil war experience, his stewardship of the transitional government of 19761979, the interregnum, his second appearance on. Obasanjos new book a childrens story book on peace was. By douglas anele the worldwide lockdown in response to the novel. For me, i dont want to go to jail and my children are too young. Reading the few excerpts making the rounds on social media from mrs. Generations will look at obasanjo library and say this is the house that fraud built wole soyinka attacks obasanjo in new book nobel laureate, prof. It is a memoir of a lifetime spent in service to country, of a man who has been destined with the watch, with the vigilance, with the. Nigerian president olusegun obasanjo and other african leaders have come together as a united force to educate africans about the danger of covid 19 pandemic.

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